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Burial Services Sydney Burial Services

Church Service followed by interment in a Vault or Crypt


  • A professional funeral arranger to help you plan and arrange the service.
  • We will arrange all the bookings, administration and paperwork for the service.
  • The hearse and experienced staff to assist at the service.
  • A personalised memorial book and an online funeral notice.
  • A solid timber coffin suitable for a crypt or vault, with the option to upgrade to any coffin from our range.
  • A metal coffin liner (BioSeal) necessary for an above ground interment.
  • A full atrial embalm, required for an above ground interment.
  • Professional mortuary care and preparation.
  • We will obtain all the necessary legal forms for the interment and registration with NSW Birth Death and Marriages.



  • This quote does not the purchase of the crypt or vault, or the opening of the crypt or vault.
Funeral Service Fee $3,280
Transfer and Mortuary Fee 24 hrs / 7 days $1,474
Coffin – solid timber (from) $2,250
Full Embalm $1,250
Coffin Liner (BioSeal) $780
Death Certificate (BDM) $66
Memorial Book included
Online Notice and Tribute Page included
Inc GST $9,100



The following items are optional, and the cost should be added to the above quote.

Clergy / Celebrant $385
Church Fee $220
Flowers (from) $198
Car $380
Limousine $770
Viewing $390
Service Booklets x 100 $342