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Funeral planning Sydney Pre-Planned Funerals Pre-Paid

A funeral can be paid for in advance so you will not be affected by future price rises or inflation. The service is costed at today’s prices, which is the total you will pay for the service that you choose, whenever it is needed.

A Pre-Paid Funeral allows you to pay for a funeral in advance, at today’s prices. The details of your funeral service are documented in Pre-Paid Funeral Plan. The service costs are calculated is at today’s prices and the funds are secured in an independent, government-regulated investment fund. This protects you against any future prices rises and inflation, with no more to pay – whenever the funeral is required. A Pre-Paid Plan can be paid in a lump sum or by instalments over three years.

Pre-Paid Funeral

It is a more affordable and safer way to pay for your funeral. A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan details the type of service you want and the costs are locked in at today’s prices. The funds are invested in an independent trust fund to cover the cost of your funeral – whenever it occurs. The interest from the fund covers any increases in costs, so you will not be affected by any future price rises or premium increases.

Your money is securely invested in a State Government regulated and capital guaranteed fund specifically designed for funerals. The funds are invested in your name and managed independently by Lifeplan Funds Management, and can only be used to meet your funeral expenses.


  • No increasing Insurance Premiums
  • State Government regulated, Capital Guaranteed, Independent Fund
  • Lump Sum Payment or 3 years Interest Free terms
  • You arrange the service you want and how much you want to spend
  • Priced at today’s prices, no more to pay at the time of the service
  • No age or health restrictions
  • Income and Asset Test exempt
  • Tax and Social Security Advantages

A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is often more economical than Funeral Insurance, which can be very costly as you get older. If you are already paying Funeral Insurance speak to us about how we can arrange to transfer this to a Pre-Paid Plan and avoid future premium increases.