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Burial Services Sydney Burial Services

There are a number of different options for a Burial Service.

Church Service followed by a Burial

We have experience arranging funerals for the many religious and cultural traditions that are a part of our community. We work closely with the church to ensure the funeral reflects your traditions and beliefs. The coffin is brought to the Church in the hearse and our staff are there to assist.

After the church service, family and friends follow the hearse to the cemetery. Alternatively, only the immediate family attend the cemetery for a private burial.

Cemetery Chapel followed by a Burial

Many cemeteries have chapels that can be used for a funeral service. Cemetery chapels have all the necessary facilities for a funeral service, including audio visual equipment, parking and function rooms.

After the service, family and friends follow the hearse only a short distance to the graveside. After the burial there is the option for a gathering at a function room.

A Graveside Service

For a Graveside Service the hearse and staff meet the family and friends at the cemetery office. Everyone then follows the hearse to the graveside. We can arrange for chairs and a canopy to be set up at the graveside. We can also arrange for a sound system with microphone and music. The coffin is placed over the grave, a service is held at the graveside followed by the burial.

A Church Service followed by an interment in a Crypt or Vault

Placing a coffin in a crypt or vault is a choice of many families. We have the experience, facilities and expertise to arrange for an above ground interment.

We will work with you to arrange the opening of a family crypt or vault. Or we can organise for you to see the range of crypts and vaults that are available for purchase.

We have the experienced staff that to carry out the necessary preparation to place a person in a crypt or vault.

An experienced funeral arranger will work with you to prepare everything for the funeral service, including the church, flowers, booklets, singers, musicians, cars, limousines and after funeral function.

Your Choice of Location

There are a number of beautiful locations that a funeral service can be held; a family home, a reception venue, sporting club, park or community hall. We can arrange a service at a place that is significant to you, your family and friends.

There are many different options available, we would be pleased to work with you to arrange a unique and memorable service.