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Memorial Stationary

Memorial Stationary can be a beautiful keepsake and a way of thanking people for their support.

Memorial Stationary include Service Books, Mass Books, Memorial Cards, Thank-you Cards and Bookmarks.

A service book usually includes an outline of service with photos, hymns, poems or prayers. They often include a thank-you and an invitation to the function after a service. 

Our staff can hand them out to people as they arrive at the service. A digital copy also be included on our funeral notice page. 

We work with a designer who has experience in producing beautiful memorial stationary. They will work with you to produce a individual design for the service. We will arrange professional printing on high quality card and for them to be delivered on time for the service.

If there is someone in the family who can design and print the booklets, we can help you with a template and suggestions.

Click on the catalogue below for an outline of the options and prices.

Mourning Stationary Options and Prices

Below are some samples

4pg Celebrant (portrait)

4pg Celebrant (landscape)

4pg Celebrant

4pg Direct Cremation

8pg Celebrant

8pg Catholic Mass 

8pg Graveside Service

8pg Anglican Service

6pg Catholic Mass (German)

Holy Card


Thank-You Card